Registered (authorized) employment agencies in Canada.

There are many employment agencies in Canada. Some of them are big with long track record and good reputation. Many of them are small ones which have been in business for a few years, sometimes even less. Please note: Canadian employment agencies normally do not want to deal with foreign workers before foreign workers obtain work permits. Employment agencies can be useful to those foreign workers who already have open work permits and have hard time finding work in Canada (for example Working Holiday work permit holders or spouses of foreign workers with employer specific work permits etc. Another important thing to know is that employment agencies are not allowed to charge foreign workers for helping them secure job offer from Canadian employer or for providing information about Canadian employers who are hiring. Employment agencies make money by charging employers for finding them qualified employees (normally they charge 15% - 20% of workers' yearly gross salary).

Then there are agencies which hire (usually labour) for short term jobs such as "Labour Unlimited Temporary Services", "Labour Ready" etc.


    The Adecco Group, based near Zurich, Switzerland, is the largest staffing firm in the world.

  • Kelly Services

    Kelly Services, Inc. is an American office staffing and workforce solutions company that operates globally.

  • Randstat

    Recruitment agency hiring for a wide range of jobs.

  • Angus One Recruitment

    Angus One and Templine offer permanent, executive, contract and temporary staffing services for Vancouver and Calgary.

Provincial directories of authorized employment agencies

Some Canadian provinces maintain their up-to-date directories of authorized employment agencies. Usually employment agencies have to renew their licenses every year. Some of them do not renew their license and at that point those agencies are removed from the list. Please note: one should deal only with authorized/licensed employment agencies! Some provinces require that employment agencies pay a deposit (usually around $20 000) if they recruit foreign workers. This money would be used to compensate foreign workers in case any of the agencies charge foreign workers recruitment fees.

ACSESS directory of employment agencies

The Association of Canadian Search, Employment and Staffing Services (ACSESS) is a non-profit organization which, among other things, claim that they identify, communicate and monitor industry standards and ethical business practices and "actively represent the industry and their membership before governments by providing input on employment legislation and regulations at the national and provincial levels. At the same time, ACSESS assumes a leadership role in ensuring that industry members are aware of legislation and regulatory changes which may (drastically) affect their businesses and responsibilities as employers". They have several employment agencies listed in their directory. Why they also have some US states listed there is puzzling to me as well.

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